About Us

In Sept 2014, we have received a Pathway Seed Grant for the Faculty of Applied Science (APSC), UBC (Point Grey) from the University Sustainability Initiative (USI) to examine the possibility of developing a sustainability pathway in APSC. The Faculty consists of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA), Community and Regional Planning (SCARP), Engineering and Nursing. When looking from the interconnectedness of the disciplines, sustainability emerges as one of the strong ties. We would like to use the opportunity to engage with the APSC community as means to further connect the different disciplines within the Faculty, and cultivate a stage to bring various departments together. In order for the sustainability pathway to truly become rooted and embraced in APSC, it is imperative that the process remains inclusive by consulting to many “communities-of-interest” as possible. With the USI pathway seeds fund, we aim to enhance our collective capacity to advance the sustainability education, and to nurture a culture of collaboration across the disciplines within APSC. Furthermore, we will leverage this opportunity to build a strong foundation in which to further build interdisciplinary learning opportunities in the Faculty.


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